Carnival Queen
“I was so pleased that I was Carnival Queen this year – Carnival Day was absolutely amazing!”
Katherine, Ringwood Carnival Queen 2018

Ringwood Carnival would not be complete without its Queen, her attendants and Princesses. Congratulations to our new Carnival Queen, Attendants and Princesses recently selected at this years Ringwood Comprehensive School Prom!

2018 Carnival Royalty are:

Carnival Queen – Katherine Douglas:

My name is Katherine Douglas and I am a 16 year old who has just finished my GCSE’s which included Psychology, Geography, PE and Performing Arts. I am passionate about musical theatre and have been part of all the fabulous productions at Ringwood School. I also train at a local musical theatre group called “Big Little Theatre School” where I have grown into a new person over the 12 years I have been there. I have been privileged to take part in some amazing London courses and hope that if I work hard, the future will lead me into the professional industry of the West End. To fund these courses, I have worked at Avon Valley Country Park in Keynsham, Bristol where I have had the most incredible time making irreplaceable memories working with many children as well as an amazing, enthusiastic team. This has allowed me to find new corners of my personality and create fantastic bonds with many lifelong friends. As well as musical theatre, I am also a keen tennis player at St Ives and St Leonards Tennis Club where I have had the privilege of being able to represent the club in many leagues and matches playing with some truly lovely and talented individuals. As an energetic teenager who loves to do as much as possible, I have also participated in the Forest Forge Elevate project, multiple Lion’s Den campaigns and most clubs offered to us at school! I can’t wait to hopefully spend another 2 years in Ringwood, building up experiences and creating more memories for the future.”

Carnival  Queen’s Attendant – Georgia D’Cruze

I have recently completed my GCSEs at Ringwood School, I hope to study Drama English literature and performing arts at A-level. I am passionate about drama and enjoy going to the theatre. I also love to travel and will be going to Florida China and Australia this year. 

 I feel honoured to have been chosen as a ringwood carnival princess and I’m looking forward to being an ambassador for the town.” 

Carnival  Queen’s Attendant Alana Morris:

My name is Alana Morris, I’m 16 years old and have just finished doing my GCSE’s. In September I’m hoping to go to Ringwood sixth form to study for my A-levels.  The A-levels I have chosen are Psychology, Sociology, English Literature and English Language.

In the future I would like to go to university to study law.

In the summer I will be doing NCS where I will spend one week doing adventurous things such as surfing, week two developing life skills and also furthering my CV. During weeks 3 and 4 working on leadership skills and working in a team to present a fundraiser to support a charity.

I work part time at Lovitaly waitressing and I also volunteer with brownies for which I am young leader. This means that I run activities and help organise evenings.”

The two Carnival Princesses for 2018 are Anastasia Harrison of Poulner Junior School and Immy Brooks from Ringwood Junior School.


Congratulations to all the girls!

How are the Royalty Selected?

Many ask if they can apply to be one of the Carnival royalty. Traditionally, the Queen and her attendants have always been a 11th year student at Ringwood School. The students apply, and, after answering questions from the carnival panel at the Leaver’s Prom at the end of term, the Queen and her attendants are announced.

The Carnival Princesses are chosen from Ringwood Junior School and Poulner Junior School each year. Girls from both schools enter, and one girl from each school is chosen at random.

For 60 years the Sampson Percheron horses have been undertaking the most important duty at Ringwood Carnival in leading the horse-drawn carriage with the Carnival Queen, Attendants and Princesses.

The Sampson family kindly started the tradition of pulling the Queen’s carriage in 1954 with their wonderful percheron horses.  Ringwood Carnival Committee are very grateful to the Sampson family and their kind generosity year after year!