Carnival Queen
“I would like to show children like me who want to be a part of this special day that they CAN do it!”
Tierney Long, Ringwood Carnival Queen 2019

Ringwood Carnival would not be complete without its Queen, her attendants and Princesses. Congratulations to our new Carnival Queen, Attendants and Princesses recently selected at this years Ringwood Comprehensive School Prom!

2019 Carnival Royalty are:

Carnival Queen – Tierney Long:

“I have recently just completed my GCSE’s at Ringwood School and I am hoping to go to Sixth form to study Performing Arts, Textiles, Business and Maths for A-levels, as I enjoy these subjects a lot.  I am interested in performing like dancing and this is why I take part in the school shows at Ringwood.  I have been in many for example Anything Goes this year and hope to be in Les Miserable next year but also in Chicago (sixth form production).  I love to dance and have done it since I was 3 at New Forest School Of Dance, as it’s a way of expressing emotions and energy.  Due to dancing this has led to me being involved in many carnivals throughout the years.  I am also interested in textiles and designing dresses.  At the moment I don’t know what I would like to do in the future but I hope it has something to do with either performing arts or textiles, as these are my passions that I thoroughly enjoy doing them.

I have recently participated in Elevate, which this year was target towards drugs and the awareness of them, which we then performed to many schools in the area.

I applied for Carnival Queen, as I have always loved to watch the carnival and loved looking at the queen and to be inspired by them.  As soon as I reached the age to become carnival queen I wanted to show what I could bring if I were to become queen, and to give them someone not only to look up to but to help them know that anyone can be queen.  I have always loved the carnival and always look forward to it each year and as queen I hope to inspire and to share some of my love and passion but also magic to anyone watching and help children like me who wanted to be apart of this special day and to show them they can.”

Carnival  Queen’s Attendant – Sarah-Faith Tihngang

“I am currently studying at Ringwood School; I am a creative girl with an affinity for the Arts and English.  I enjoy writing, reading and singing as well as being an avid songwriter in my spare time.  Having only moved to Ringwood in 2018 I became enamoured with the idea of Ringwood Carnival and am now overjoyed to have a place in the heart of it and I’m looking forward to being an ambassador for the town.”

Carnival  Queen’s Attendant Shannon McKay:

“I currently work as a waitress at weekends where I enjoy interacting with the public.  I have helped at a local pre school where I enjoy seeing the children develop over time.  At home I enjoy teaching my younger brother to bake.  I am intending to go to Brockenhurst College to study Sociology, Criminology and Media Studies in order to gain the skills I need to work in the Police Force.

I have attended Carnival for many years with my family and can’t wait to be at the centre of it.”

The two Carnival Princesses for 2019 are Elizabeth Ironside from Poulner Junior School and Isabella Broadhouse from Ringwood Junior School.

Congratulations to all the girls!

How are the Royalty Selected?

Many ask if they can apply to be one of the Carnival royalty. Traditionally, the Queen and her attendants have always been a 11th year student at Ringwood School. The students apply, and, after answering questions from the Carnival panel at the Leaver’s Prom at the end of term, the Queen and her attendants are announced.

The Carnival Princesses are chosen from Ringwood Junior School and Poulner Junior School. Girls from both schools are invited to enter, with one girl from each school selected at random.

Sampson Queen

For 60 years the Sampson Percheron horses have been undertaking the most important duty at Ringwood Carnival in leading the horse-drawn carriage with the Carnival Queen, Attendants and Princesses.

The Sampson family kindly started the tradition of pulling the Queen’s carriage in 1954 with their wonderful percheron horses.  Ringwood Carnival Committee are very grateful to the Sampson family and their kind generosity year after year!

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